Kit 2 - Ladybugs




Experience the lifecycle of the lady bug right in your classroom! You will receive a tube of ladybug larvae with food and watch them metamorphosis into adult ladybugs! Use the included curriculum to teach students about ladybugs importance in our ecosystem. Larvae will feed for a couple of weeks before forming their pupas, then they will metamorphose into ladybugs and emerge after an additional few days. This kit is designed for 12-20 students and 6-8 weeks of education and instruction.


What's in the kit?

- 4-H Teaming with Insects curriculum (grades 3-12)

- 1 critter cage - to keep the ladybugs in

- 3 laminated sets of Ladybug lifecycle stages

- tube of 10-15 live ladybug larvae with artificial diet

- Various educational activities for your classroom




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Resources for this kit

Here are some additional resources and activities that can be used to enhance this classroom kit.