Praying Mantids

Kit 5 - Praying Mantises

praying manits


This intriguing project lets students watch and study the lifecycle of Praying Mantises! Wait patiently for the right weather and watch as the baby Praying Mantises emerge from their egg cases! Teach students about beneficial insects and explain what an important part they are in our ecosystem with additional educational activities included in this kit. Praying Mantis egg cases can take up to 2 months to hatch dependent on weather, it is recommended that you release the babies soon after they hatch so they do not fight each other. This kit is designed for 12-20 students and 5-6 weeks of education and instruction.


What's in the kit?

- 4-H Teaming with Insects curriculum (grades 3-12)

- 1 critter cage – to keep the hatching Praying Mantises in

- 3 laminated sets of Praying Mantis lifecycle stages

- 2 Praying Mantis egg cases

- Various educational activities for your classroom




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Resources for this kit

Here are some additional resources and activities that can be used to enhance this classroom kit.