Buy it Where you Burn it!

Jul 12, 2016

If you plan to camp this summer, remember to wait until you arrive at your destination before you purchase firewood. Why?

If you bring your own firewood to a campground, you could unknowingly spread invasive pests and diseases that can harm local trees. New infestations of tree-killing insects and diseases are often found in campgrounds and parks as a result of campers moving firewood.

Once you arrive at your destination, pests can emerge from the firewood and spread to the trees and forests where you camp. Invasive and hard-to-control pests kill several million native trees every year, causing environmental and economic problems.

Ways You Can Help

  • Buy it where you burn it! Purchase firewood within the county once you get there. Visit this map to learn more about regulations and other resources to help protect California forests.
  • Don't bring it! Visually inspecting firewood won't help you spot tiny insect eggs or microscopic fungi spores that can start a new and deadly infestation.
  • Dry wood still isn't safe to use. Aged or seasoned wood can still have pests and diseases.
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends not to bring firewood with them.

Find out more information about firewood pests, resources for finding good firewood and other activities at the Don't Move Firewood web site. For additional information about many of the invasive wood-boring pests and associated diseases and problems, visit the UC IPM web site.


By Anne Schellman
Author - UC Master Gardener Coordinator