Nutgrass Can Drive You Nuts

Nutgrass, also called nutsedge, could easily be one of the top 5 nuisance weeds gardeners deal with in the garden and landscape. While we don't know that for sure, we do know that nutsedge is a very challenging weed to control.

Yellow and purple nutsedge are the two species most often found in California. Yellow nutsedge grows throughout the state, while purple nutsedge is found mostly in southern California.

Nutsedge is difficult to control because the plants form small underground tubers and rhizomes. Most of these tubers are found in the top six inches of the soil but can also be found even deeper. Removing the tubers by hand is the best way to remove small plants but may require continued monitoring and hand pulling.

A nutsedge infestation is an indication of an underlying problem such as waterlogged, poorly draining soils. For information on how to prevent nutgrass from becoming established or how to manage it, consult the Pest Notes: Nutsedge.