Oh Deer!

The sight of deer in the wild can be delightful but when these animals invade your garden, devouring everything in sight, people's ideas might change. The internet is full of advice for ridding your garden of deer, but beware, much of it is ineffective.

In the newly revised Pest Notes: Deer, author and retired Wildlife Specialist Robert Timm,  shares detailed deer management methods proven by UC research to be effective. Pest management works best when you understand the pest's biology and behavior, so new information about the range of the different deer species is included as well as their food preferences.

You'll also find updated information on legal methods of deer management, with an emphasis on creating deer-resistant landscapes and exclusion through fencing. Properly built and maintained fencing is the most effective method for preventing deer damage. An often unrecognized fact is that deer are more likely to crawl under a fence than jump over it so maintaining fences is essential. While it can be costly to install fencing, you can convert an existing fence to exclude deer by following the instructions in the Pest Notes.

Keep in mind that deer are game animals, regulated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. For additional information on deer management, including whether frightening devices and repellents are effective or not, see the full text of recently updated Pest Notes: Deer on our website.