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Fruit Tree Monitoring for Pests

Purplish, scabby spots on apricot fruit and holes in leaves caused by shot hole disease. (Credit: Jack Kelly Clark)

Stone fruit trees like apricot, cherry, nectarine, peach, plum, and prune are a staple of many backyard gardens and landscapes. Unfortunately, there are a variety of pests that can weaken trees and spoil fruit. Caring for trees correctly and monitoring...

Posted on Monday, May 7, 2018 at 1:43 PM
Tags: apricot (4), brown rot (2), cherry (6), eutypa dieback (2), monitor (3), nectarine (6), peach (3), peach leaf curl (5), pest (75), plum (3), prune (5), shot hole disease (1), spotted wing drosophila (4), UC IPM (224)
Focus Area Tags: Pest Management Yard & Garden

Caring for Citrus in Fall

Infestation of brown rot on lemon. (Jack Kelly Clark)

Citrus trees need care throughout the year, including cultural practices to keep trees healthy and pest management. During the fall season, several pests can attack citrus trees in many California regions.  Brown Rot Monitor for this disease by...

Posted on Monday, October 16, 2017 at 4:28 PM
Tags: Asian citrus psyllid (34), brown rot (2), care (1), disease. (1), huanglongbing (33), leaf miner (1), pest management (22), slugs (4), snails (5), UC IPM (224)
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