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Rice production information for Colusa, Glenn and Yolo Counties.

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Meeting Announcement - 2020 Rice Grower Meetings

2020 Annual Rice Grower Meetings

Sponsored by UC Cooperative Extension

-------------- 5 Locations --------------


Richvale: Monday, Jan. 13, 8:30am, Evangelical Church, 5219 Church St., Richvale

Willows: Monday, Jan. 13, 1:30pm, Glenn County Office of Education, 311 South Villa Avenue, Willows

Colusa: Tuesday, Jan. 14, 8:30 am, Colusa Casino Resort, 3770 Hwy 45, Colusa

Yuba City: Tuesday, Jan. 14, 1:30 pm, Veterans Hall, 1425 Veterans Memorial Circle, Yuba City

Woodland: Wednesday, Jan. 15, 1:30 pm, Norton Hall, 70 Cottonwood St, Woodland

 TIME: Doors open at 8:00 am and meetings start at 8:30 am at Richvale and Colusa.Doors open at 1:00 pm and meetings start at 1:30 pm at Glenn, Yuba City and Woodland.


8:00 am (1:00 pm) Doors open, sign-in, coffee 

8:30 am (1:30 pm) Call meeting to order

Rice Research Board Nominations – Dana Dickey, Rice Research Board

8:35 am (1:35 pm) California Rice Commission Referendum – Tim Johnson, California Rice Commission

8:50 am (1:50 pm) Drinking Water Well Requirement – Roberta Firoved, California Rice Commission

9:00 am (2:00 pm) Rice Pesticide and Regulatory Update – County Ag Commissioner

9:15 am (2:15 pm) Variety Update – Kent McKenzie, Rice Experiment Station

9:30 am (2:30 pm) Weedy Rice – Whitney Brim-DeForest, UCCE

9:45 am (2:45 pm) Disease Management – Luis Espino, UCCE

10:00 am (3:00 pm) Arthropod Management – Ian Grettenberger, UCCE

10:15 am (3:15 pm

PDF 12/9/19
August 2018

Don't forget the rice field day! - Management of stem rot - New watergrass species - Testing for suspected herbicide resistance - Rice Yield Contest

PDF 8/22/18
June 2018

Rice Production Workshop - Planting recap for 2018 - Weed control in rice: matching herbicides with weeds of your field - A weed problem all rice growers should be aware of: weedy rice.

PDF 6/25/18
April 2018

Fertility Management Tips - Look Out for New Weed Species - Early Season Arthropod Management Update - Armyworms 2018: Get Ready - 2018 Yield Contest

PDF 4/6/18
November 2017

2017 Rice Recap -  Delta Rice Recap - End of Year Weedy Rice Update - Armyworms Again

PDF 11/14/17
August 2017

Herbicide Resistance in Rice - Rice Disease Update - Time for Weedy Rice Scouting - Rice Yield Contest - Don't Forget the Rice Field Day!

PDF 8/7/17
June 2017

Nitrogen and Water Management - How to Select Follow-up Herbicides - Armyworms Revisited - Cass Mutters Retires - 2017 Yield Contest

PDF 6/6/17
May 2017

Managing rice in a late planted year

PDF 4/24/17
March 2017

Summary of 2016 University of California Rice Variety Trials - Biological Characteristics of Weedy Rice Compared to Cultivated Rice - Workshop Announcement: Insect Pest Management in Rice Mills and Rice Storage Facilities.

PDF 3/15/17
September 2016

Red Alert! - Best Management Practices for Weedy Red Rice - 2016 Armyworm Wrap Up

PDF 9/28/16
July 2016

Don't forget the rice field day! - 2016 Rice Yield Contest - Rice Weed Course - Armyworm Update - Emerging Weed Issues - Meet our New Rice Advisor in Sutter, Yuba, Placer and Sacramento Counties

PDF 7/18/16
May 2016

Weedy Red Rice - Best Management Practices for Weedy Red Rice - Winged Water-Primrose Update

PDF 5/17/16
March 2016

Summary of 2015 University of California rice variety trials - When is the optimal time to plant rice in the Sacramento Valley? - Preparing for armyworms.

PDF 3/22/16
August 2015

Collecting weed seeds for herbicide-resistance testing - Armyworm outbreak: what's next? - Salinity management in rice - Rice Production Workshop presentations available on-line - Resistant Weed Testing Form 

PDF 8/3/15
June 2015

Meeting Announcement: Rice Production Workshop - New UC Rice On-line - Midseason Nitrogen - Diseases and Cultural Practices - Bird Habitat Program Continues and Expands

PDF 6/22/15
April 2015

Tadpole shrimp research update; Arthropod management update

PDF 4/30/15
February 2015

Summary of 2014 University of California Statewide Rice Variety Trials, Managing rice with limited water

PDF 2/28/15
August 2014

Water Management to Mitigate Blanking, Rice Yields Components, Rice Strawlage, Planning Harvest and Rice Field Day announcement.

PDF 7/31/14
June 2014

Management of Propanil Resistant Sedges - Midseason Nitrogen Fertilizers - Bird Habitat Continues and Expands - Factors Related to Rice Blast Incidence and Severity - Chris Greer Appointed Vice Provost for University of California Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources

PDF 1/1/15
April 2014

Managing rice with limited water - Flooding time and seedling pests - Stay up-to-date with the UC Rice Blog

PDF 5/1/14
February 2014

Summary of 2013 University of California Statewide Rice Variety Trials

PDF 2/6/14
April 2013

Summary of 2012 University of California Statewide Rice Variety Trials

PDF 4/16/13
July 2012

Propanil-resistant smallflower umbrellasedge - Armyworms - Rice Experiment Station Field Day announcement

PDF 7/30/12
June 2012

Behavior of winged primrose willow and herbicide options for control - Rice tillering.

PDF 6/21/12
May 2012

Potassium fertility in rice - Managing late planted rice

PDF 5/10/12
March 2012

Summary of 2011 University of California Statewide Rice Variety Trials

PDF 3/21/12
September 2011

Weed alert: new weed identified in California rice.

PDF 9/20/11
August 2011

Rice blast: more of the same with a bit of a twist in 2011 - Armyworms - 2011: About the same as last year.

PDF 8/16/11
June 2011

Salinity in rice fields - Difficult start for 2011.

PDF 6/29/11
May 2011

Early pests of rice: tadpole shrimp and rice seed midge

PDF 5/26/11
April 2011
2010 rice variety trials results - How much phosphorus should you apply? - New UC Rice Blog - Rice Winter Meetings and Rice Production Workshop presentations available on-line - Contributions of California rice farmers to the economy - New UC ANR publications.
PDF 4/1/11
September 2010 What a year for rice blast - How long does it take for rice to ripen? - Measuring grain moisture content before harvest - Insects of farm stored rice - Using a desiccant to accelerate dry down. PDF 9/24/10
June 2010 Temperature and plant growth, midseason nitrogen fertilizer, managing weed populations to protect against herbicide resistance. PDF 6/24/10
April 2010 Pre-plant nitrogen starter application, nitrogen and early drains, managing late planted rice, early season rice diseases. PDF 4/27/10
March 2010 2009 rice variety trial results, red rice update, rice water weevil distribution in California rice fields. PDF 3/8/10
July 2009 Panicle initiation and differentiation, herbicide programs for resistant late watergrass, managing nitrogen fertilization for early season drains PDF 7/31/09
May 2009 Monitoring early pests, herbicide programs for resistant late watergrass, measuring salinity of irrigation water PDF 5/19/09
April 2009 2008 rice statistics 2008 rice variety trials results Red rice survey What is the real cause of high rice prices? PDF 4/8/09
August 2008 Rice Experiment Station Field Day, panicle blanking, blast, fighting mosquitoes in Colusa County. PDF 8/4/08
July 2008 Top-dressing, rice leafminer, armyworms PDF 10/29/09
April 2008 Phosphate and Rice-Field Algae Understanding Nitrogen Losses Due to Early Field Drainage Straw Incorporation and Nitrogen Management PDF 9/30/10
March 2008 2007 variety trials results for Colusa, Glenn and Yolo Counties. PDF 3/20/09
February 2008 Rice straw meeting announcement, alternative stand establishment methods management tips, rice establishment systems in 2007 PDF 1/31/08
January 2008 2008 Winter meetings locations and agenda. Announcement of the Rice Technical Working Group meeting in San Diego, Feb. 18-21 2008 PDF 11/26/08
August 2007 Announcing our new Rice Advisor Resistant Watergrass Control Field Meeting - September 5, 2007 PDF 8/12/08