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Small Animal Field Day


Small Animal Field Day 

Date: April 14, 2018

Time: 8:00 am (if bringing animals please arrive between 7:00 and 7:30 am) 

Location: Colusa County Fairgrounds Pavilion 

Animals included in the event: Rabbits, Pygmy Goats and Poultry 

No pre-registration is required for this event. 

This is a great opportunity for members to get field day credit for fair requirements as well as learn a little bit more about their project area and even attend a showmanship workshop! You also have the chance to walk around and learn about different small animals! 


*Home Ec judging boards will be at this event to help members still needing to complete fair requirements. 


For each animal we are hoping to have 3 events:  

Breed ID (there will be multiple breeds and the members are to use their knowledge to match the correct bird to the correct breed name) 

Judging Class (members will be shown a pen of 4 animals and must place a class) 

Showmanship Workshop (members will get to attend a workshop given by a leader or senior member showing them the steps of showmanship and available to answer any questions they may have).  


Members will also have the opportunity to be a part of a knowledge bowl contest to test what they have learned with other 4-H’ers. 


We are still in need of some volunteers to help out with putting on this event. Please contact the 4-H office if you are able to help out or have animals you can help contribute.   

If you have any questions please contact Aubrey at aefurukawa@ucanr.edu or call the office at 458-0570. 

Knowledge Bowl Results


Rabbit Overall Placings

1.  Jenna Silva

2.  Lupita Espinoza

3.  Emma Fleming

4.  Jeremiah Cardenas

5.  Tomas Mendoza, Stephanie Navarro, and Liah Mendoza



Poultry Overall Placings

1.  Alexandra Rubendall

2.  Cody Carter

3.  Quin Stephens

4.  Rebecca Tinoco

5.  Roberto Ramirez and Keith Grimmer