May the Buzz Be With You

Dec 31, 2015

Did you feel the buzz in 2015?

The honey bees, bumble bees, sunflower bees, sweat bees...what a year it was!

It's time to walk down memory lane--or stray from the garden path--and post a few bee images from 2015.

It wasn't all flowers and sunshine. Bees took a beating--from pesticides, pests, predators, diseases, malnutrition, climate  change and stress.

Often it was predator vs. prey. So we include an image of a praying mantis feasting on one of our bee-loved honey bees, and freeloader flies (family Milichiidae) dining on a spider's prey.

That's what praying mantids, spiders and freeloader flies do. They. Eat. Bees. If I were in charge of their menu planning and food preparation, however, they'd get five-star dining: stink bugs, aphids, mosquitoes, cotton whitefly, and the Asian longorned beetle.

Give me five! Give us all five!

Happy New Year! And may the buzz be with you.