New Wildlife Pest Identification Tool

Wildlife in California is an important natural resource that many people appreciate in their natural habitats and strive to protect. However, sometimes vertebrate animals can become pests in our homes, gardens, schools, parks, and landscapes and management efforts are needed.

But identifying what has burrowed under the porch, eaten the fruit on your trees, or caused holes in the lawn can be difficult if you don't see the culprit in action. If you think you have an animal pest but are not sure what it is, the new UC IPM Wildlife Pest Identification Tool will help you narrow down potential vertebrate pests using signs such as typical damage, tracks, and droppings (scat).

The wildlife pest identification tool is the newest diagnostic assistance feature on the UC IPM website. Check it out today! Over the next several months, we'll continue making additions and improvements to the tool, including adding more photos and information.


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By Elaine Lander
Author - Urban & Community IPM Educator