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Nickels Soil Lab Fundraiser

Join West Coast Nut Magazine and Friends of Agriculture to support Nickels Soil Lab.

Thank you to all those who generously donated to support the Nickels Soil Lab - operated by Leslie J. Nickels Trust - this past year and particularly our fundraiser dinner this fall! Your support has kept us going as 2022 ends and new year tasks ramp up.

What's happening at the Nickels Soil Lab this Winter? Removal of older, less productive orchards to reduce costs while new (2017 and 2019) plantings continue to grow and, weather permitting, increase production. Orchard sanitation for navel orangeworm management in January (before early bud swell).

If you have not yet, please consider a donation to support Nickels Soil. Your donation will help Nickels Soil Lab (NSL) continue to provide valuable research results to strengthen Californai agriculture in 2023 and regroup for new, innovative (lower input cost) plantings for 2024. With your support, this privately owned research farm will continue to work with the University of California, growers and industry to support tree crop production and local communities for another 50 years.

Click Here to donate.  Thank you!

Franz Niederholzer is our Pomologist and Leslie J. Nickels Soil Laboratory Manager.  He is based out of the Colusa County office and also serves Sutter and Yuba Counties.  To contact Franz please call the office 530.458.0570 or email:  fjniederholzer@ucdavis.edu


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