Freeloaders Never Miss a Meal

Sep 9, 2015

If your dog is well, a little chunky, you're probably accustomed to someone saying "Fido never misses a meal, does he?" 

Well, those little freeloader flies never miss a meal, either.

They not only never miss a meal, but they're never late for dinner. First come, first served. Table for 12, please.  

Such was the case last weekend when a banded garden spider (Argiope trifasciata) trapped a bee in its web, wrapped it, and was all set to eat it.

Wait! Where did all those uninvited guests come from? (Family Milichiidae, and probably genus Desmometopa,)

The spider reluctantly abandons its prey.

"All right," the spider seems say. "Have at it. I'll get another one."