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Orchard Topics

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Orchard Topics - February 2019 (930KB)
  • Walnut Day agenda
  • Field Meeting Map
  • Walnut Field Meetings
      1. Walnut Canopy Management - topics will include hedging and whisking trails since 2016 for 11 year old Chandler planted in a hedgerow


    2. Walnut Training Systems - topics will include various walnut training systems and see 2 and 3 year old Durham trees and 3 year old Solano trees, the two newest variety releases
      3. Walnut (6 year old) No Pruning (no heading)/Variation of No Pruning Grower Comparision Field Meeting


PDF 2/1/19
Fungicide Efficacy Timing Extraction (174KB) PDF 1/18/19
Colusa Winter Almond Meeting (729KB)


Colusa Winter Almond Meeting

January 17, 2019, 8:00a.m. - 11:45am

Granzella's Banquet Hall, 457 - 7th Street, Williams, CA 95987

Meeting sponsored by:

                         Farm Credit Services of Colusa-Glenn, ACA                           Colusa County Farm Supply

1.75 hours of PCA CE (0.5 hr Laws/Regs & 1.25 hrs Other) - requested

2.75 hours of CCA CE (1 hr Soil & Water Man., 1.25 hr IPM, 0.5 Crop Man.) - requested

PDF 1/4/19
Sutter-Yuba Winter Almond Meeting (272KB)

Sutter-Yuba Winter Almond Meeting

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 | 8:45 am - 11:00 am
Sutter County Ag Building, 142 Garden Hwy, Yuba City

This meeting is intended as a short meeting to deliver timely information and gauge interest in future winter almond meetings in the Yuba City area. Topics include Introduction/Nutrient management for almonds, Almond variety and rootstock information and Almond disease management. 

0.5 hours of PCA CE (0.5 hr IPM) requested

1.0 hours of CCA CE (0.5 hr Nutrient Man., 0.5 hr IPM) requested

PDF 1/2/19
Walnut News - Winter - 2019 (1,363KB)

In this issue:

  • 2019 UCCE Walnut Meetings
  • Scale Pests, Navel Orangeworm, and Flatheaded Borers
  • Cost and Expense Considerations in Lean Price Year
  • Tracking Winter Irrigation Needs
  • Updated Walnut Cost Study
  • 2019 IPM Breakfast Meetings
  • Growing the Valley Podcast: Walnut episodes posted!
PDF 1/2/19
Sacramento Valley Almond News - January 2019 (1,148KB) PDF 1/2/19
October 30, 2018 (623KB)


Market Facilitation Program Workshops

November 7 | November 8 | November 9

You are invited to attend a Market Facilitation Program workshop hosted by the Almond Alliance and Almond Board of California to learn how to apply for this funding. 

PDF 10/30/18
Sacramento Valley Almond News - October 2018 (1,351KB)
  • 2018/19 UCCE Fall & Winter Almond Meetings
  • Post-harvest Nutrition Review
  • Post-harvest Orchard Management Considerations
  • Cover Crops in Almonds: Research Update
  • Cover Crops Survey
  • SoilWeb Workaround
  • Keep an Eye out for Potential Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Damage
  • Annual Post-Harvest Almond and Walnut IPM Workshop
  • IPM Breakfast Meetings
PDF 10/15/18
UC IPM Breakfast tomorrow (205KB)


August IPM Breakfast Meeting

Yuba-Sutter-Colusa Counties


Friday, August 17th, 2018

7:30am – 9:00am


IHOP Restaurant, 1310 Franklin Rd, Yuba City, CA

(No-host breakfast)


Join Area IPM Advisor Emily Symmes and Sacramento Valley Orchard Systems Farm Advisors Janine Hasey and Franz Niederholzer to discuss current pest management and production issues in orchard crops.

Please contact Emily Symmes to request topics or bring your questions to the meeting!

Space is limited – please RSVP to Emily Symmes at (530) 538-7201 or to let us know you plan to attend.

 **DPR and CCA hours requested (1.5 other)**

Monthly meetings are planned throughout the Sacramento Valley (third Friday of the month), so if you are unable to join us next week, keep the following dates and locations in mind and visit for updates!

 Tehama: September 21

Glenn: October 19

 If you have any accessibility concerns, please contact Emily at

PDF 8/16/18
August 2018 Orchard News (206KB)

August 17 Yuba, Sutter, and Colusa Counties Breakfast Meeting

PDF 8/15/18
Sacramento Valley Prune News- Pre-Harvest 2018 (553KB)
  • Prune Rootstock Trial Field Day
  • Pre-Harvest & Harvest Prune Orchard Consideration
  • Managing canker diseases in prune orchards: what we have learned so far.
  • Prune Harvest Timing
  • July Leaf Sampling: A Critical Task in Prune Production
  • Podcast from UC tree crop researchers! "Growing the Valley"
PDF 6/27/18
Sacramento Valley Walnut News - Summer 2018 (1,776KB)
  • Early Walnut Tree Training and How to Use a Pressure Chamber for Irrigation Scheduling Workshop
  • IPM Meetings
  • Walnut Production Short Course
  • Walnut Orchard Management - June through August
  • Early Walnut Tree
  • Leaf symptoms of overwatering walnut trees
  • Growing the Valley Podcast
PDF 6/11/18
Nickels Field Day meeting announcement (1,003KB) PDF 4/23/18
IPM Breakfast Meeting (205KB) PDF 4/18/18
Sacramento Valley Walnut News - Spring 2018 (1,195KB)
  • 2018 IPM Breakfast Meetings
  • Orchard Managment Considerations
  • A New Tool in the Fight Against Blight
  • 2018 Winter and Early Season Irrigation Considerations in Walnut
  • 2017 Flood Damaged Trees - Research Results and What to do this Spring
  • Tree and vine Crop Herbicide Chart - Updated (2018)
PDF 3/14/18
Meeting Announcement 3-13-18 with lunch RSVP (955KB)

Spring Almond and Walnut Nutrient and Water Management Field Day

Tuesday, March 13th, 8:30am, Nickels Soil Lab, Arbuckle


Lunch provided, please RSVP: or call 530-458-0570

PDF 3/7/18
Water & Land Resource Manager Newsletter (2,022KB) PDF 2/16/18
Walnut Day coming up (609KB)

Walnut Day

Thursday, February 22, 2018

1:00pm-4:30pm, registration begins at 12:00pm

Veterans Memorial Hall, Yuba City

For meeting details please see attachment.

PDF 2/5/18
Sacremento Valley Almond News - Bloom 2018 (1,031KB)


In This Issue:

  • Bloom Almond Orchard Management Considerations
  • When is Peach Twig Borer A Concern
  • Naval Orangeworm Considerations 2018
  • Honey Bees and Bloom Sprays
  • How is Band Canker Infecting Young Trees?
  • Missing the Target: Why You Should Irrigate Potted Trees Directly onto Potting Media
  • 2018 IPM Breakfast Meetings

Reminder, Winter Almond Meeting coming up on February 7, Stagehands Theatre, Colusa County Fairgrounds, Colusa, 9am - 12:45pm. See insert for agenda and map.

PDF 1/31/18
Winter Almond Meeting (806KB)

Colusa/Sutter/Yuba Winter Almond Meeting

Stagehands Theatre, Colusa County Fairgrounds, Colusa, CA

February 7, 2018, 9:00 a.m.

See attached for map and agenda

PDF 1/19/18
UCCE Sac Valley Post-Harvest Almond & Walnut IPM Meeting (1,407KB)

UCCE Sac Valley Post-Harvest Almond & Walnut IPM Meeting

Friday, November 17th, 2017, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Chico Veteran's Memorial Hall, 554 Rio Lindo Avenue, Chico 95926

(3 hours of DPR CE units "other" Approved, 3 hours CCA "IPM" pending)


PDF 11/9/17
Sacramento Valley Almond News - Fall 2017 (1,185KB)

In This Issue:

  • 2017/2018 UCCE Fall & Winter Meetings
  • Bacterial Spot: A Dangerous Disease
  • Gophers Kill Trees!
  • Update on Yellow Monterey Almond Trees
  • Almond Orchard Management Checklist: Post-Harvest and Dormancy
  • New Pesticide Labels Available to Help control Pruning Wound Infections
PDF 10/16/17
UC IPM Almond & Walnut Harvest Evaluation (5,750KB) PDF 9/12/17
July IPM Breakfast Mtg (451KB)

Take a look!

July IPM Breakfast meeting announcement!

Tuesday, July 11th, 7:30am-9am

Granzella's Restaurant, 451-6th St, Williams

Please RSVP to Emily Symmes at 530-538-7201, as space is limited.

PDF 7/5/17
Sacramento Valley Almond News - Summer 2017 (5,550KB)
  • New Farm Advisor Introduction
  • Relationship between Varieties and Bacterial Blast during Bloom
  • Naval Orangeworm update
  • Yellowing trees on Kymsk 86 after a wet spring
  • Approaches to Spider Mite Management in Almonds
  • Pre- & Post- Harvest Almond Orchard Considerations
  • Almond Variety Trial Field Day - June 22nd!
  • Upcoming IPM Breakfast Meetings
PDF 6/21/17
UCCE Sacramento Valley Walnut News (1,426KB)

Sacramento Valley Walnut New - Summer 2017

  • Upcoming IPM Breakfast Meetings
  • Farm Advisor Introduction
  • In-season Walnut Production Considerations
  • Insect and Mite Updates - 2017
  • Flooded Orchard Damage Update and Management Considerations
  • Website Resources
PDF 6/16/17
Sacramento Valley Almond News (1,276KB)

In this issue, you will find:

  • Waterlogged orchards?
  • Bloom review
  • Potassium, zinc, iron, and manganese deficiencies
  • April showers bring yellowing Krymsk?
  • Almond management considerations:  spring and early summer
  • Correction:  When to apply the first irrigation?
  • Upcoming breakfast meetings-mark your calendar!
  • Nickels Field Day-May 10th-Registration form and map
PDF 4/20/17
Orchard Calibration Field Day (273KB)

Orchard Calibration Field Day Tuesday, April 25 at Nickels Soil Lab in Arbuckle

PDF 4/20/17
Sacramento Valley Walnut News-Spring 2017 (1,526KB)

Sacramento Valley Walnut News - Spring 2017 Contents:

  • Orchard Management Considerations:  Budbreak through Early Summer
  • Walnut Blight Management
  • Monitoring Codling Moth In and Near Mating Disruption Orchards
  • Latest on Managing Bot Canker and Blight in Walnut - 2016 Research Updates
  • Flooded Orchards:  Past Experiences and What to Do in 2017
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • 2017 Herbicide Chart
PDF 4/5/17
Email Extra, March 2017 (422KB)

2017 Flooded Orchards - What to do and Resources

  • What to do now
  • Reporting damage/loss
  • Determining Damage
  • Potential Disaster Relief Resources
PDF 3/21/17
Orchard Notes (137KB)


Email Extra - March IPM Breakfast Meeting Contents:

March IPM Breakfast Meeting

Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 7:30 am - 9:00 am

Join Area IPM Advisor Emily Symmes and Orchard Systems Farm Advisors Janine Hasey and Franz Niederholzer to discuss current pest management and production issues. 

**No-host breakfast, DPR and CCA hours requested (1.5 other)**

Download and view the newsletter here.

HTML Link:

PDF 3/8/17
Orchard Topics (223KB)

The UCCE Sutter-Yuba-Colusa Walnut Day scheduled for Tuesday, February 21, 2017 is cancelled due to the recent evacuation advisory and upcoming storms.

We will not be rescheduling this event this year. If you have any questions please contact 530-822-7515.

PDF 2/16/17
IPM Meeting (468KB) PDF 2/8/17
Sacramento Valley Almond News (1,493KB)

In this issue:

  • Focus on honeybees, colony strength, and beekeeper responsibilities
  • Protecting honeybees during bloom
  • When to apply the first irrigation?
  • 2017 UCCE Almond meetings
  • Additional information
  • Winter & Bloom Almond Orchard Management Considerations
  • Almond Fungicide Efficacy
PDF 1/6/17
Sacramento Valley Almond News (909KB) PDF 10/17/16
UCCE Sacramento Valley Walnut News (4,842KB)
  • New Website Resource for Sac Valley Tree Crop Production
  • In-Season Walnut Production Considerations
  • Walnut Husk Fly Update 2016
  • Tipping the Scales to Favor Walnut Quality
  • Selecting the Right Clonal Rootstock for Managing Soil and Pest Problems
  • Are you Pushing Out a Chandler Orchard in the Next Year? Call Kat!
PDF 6/27/16
Pomology Notes - Almonds - Preharvest (1,005KB)
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • New Website Resource for Sac Valley Tree Crop Production
  • Preharvest/Harvest Almond Orchard Practices to Consider
  • Did you notice yellow, flagging branches this spring? Beware of Anthracnose!
  • Herbicide Symptom Gallery
  • Managing Soil Variability for Increased Almond Production


Upcoming Meetings:

  1. Friday, July 8, 2016 - 8:30am to Noon - Dust Control/Sustainability Field at Nickels Soil Lab. RSVP to Rebecca Bailey at
  2. November 8-10, 2016 - Almond Production Short Course at Modesto, CA - More information:


PDF 6/21/16
Irrigation Technology Workshop Field Day for Nut & Fruit Crops (892KB)

Irrigation Technology Workshop/Field Day for Nut and Fruit Crops

The University of California Cooperative Extension invites fruit and nut crop producers in the Northern Sacramento Valley to attend a combination workshop/field day on Thursday, June 16th. Please see attached for all the details.


PDF 5/25/16
Orchard Notes - May 2016 (1,527KB)
  • Cling Peach New Variety and Selections Field Meeting
  • Final Chilling Hours
  • Normal timing for peach harvest predicted
  • Sizing Peach Fruit
  • Hail Storm
  • Freeze Damage in Young Walnuts
  • Website Resources
PDF 5/18/16
CA Almond Board "In-the-Orchard" Weed Identification and Management Workshop (838KB)

Almond Board Field Meeting

Nickels Soil Lab

Tuesday, May 10

Green Bay Ave.


The Almond Board of California is hosting a field meeting at the Nickels Soil Lab on Tuesday, May 10 from 8:30 – noon. A free lunch will be available following the program. Interested growers and PCAs are encouraged to attend. Featured speakers will include Kurt Hembree, UCCE Farm Advisor in Fresno County specializing in weed control in tree crops as well as Almond Board representatives. A detailed agenda is included with this newsletter post.


To help with a lunch count, please RSVP to Rebecca Bailey at or 209-343-3245.


Hope to see you there.  

PDF 5/6/16
Nickels Field Day & Sac Valley Almond News (4,579KB)

In This Issue:

  • Nickel Annual Field Day Meeting Announcement
  • Nickels Organic Field Day Meeting Announcement
  • Pocket Gopher Management
  • Alternative Preemergence Herbicide  Strategy for Summer Grasses in Orchards
  • Weekly Soil Moisture Loss Reports
  • In-Season Almond Pest and Disease Considerations
  • Organic Almond Production Field Meeting Planned
PDF 4/29/16
Sacramento Valley Prune News Spring 2016 (1,324KB) PDF 4/21/16
Sacramento Valley Walnut News (1,715KB)

Sacramento Valley Walnut News - Spring 2016

  • Orchard Management Considerations: Delayed Dormant through Early Summer
  • The Latest on Managing Bot Canker and Blight - 2015 Research Updates
  • Walnuts: When to Being the Irrigation Season
  • New Walnut Variety "Durham" Released
  • Tree and Vine Crop Herbicide Chart
PDF 3/24/16
2016 Walnut Pruning/No Pruning Comparison Field Meeting (682KB)

Walnut (8 year olds) No Pruning/Pruning Comparison Field Meeting

Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 10:00 am-11:30 am

Nickels Soil Lab, Arbuckle

We will discuss the 8 year old pruning vs. no pruning trial and 2016 plans for Chandler planted in a hedgerow.

The workshop will be conducted by UCCE Farm Advisor & Walnut Specialist:

Janine Hasey, Sutter/Yuba/Colusa Counties; Bruce Lampinen, Walnut Specialist, UC Davis


Walnut (3 year olds) No Pruning/Variation of No Pruning/Prunng Grower Comparison Field Meeting

Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Bear River Walnut Ranch, 2031 Spenceville Road, Wheatland, CA 95692

Directions: Go east on Main Street from Highway 65 in Wheatland.  Main Street becomes Spenceville Road as you leave town. First ranch on the right (there is a double green gate). Look for UCCE sign.

The workshop will be conducted by UCCE Farm Advisor & Walnut Specialist:

Janine Hasey, Sutter/Yuba/Colusa Counties; Bruce Lampinen, Walnut Specialist, UC Davis

Questions: UCCE Sutter-Yuba Office at 530.822.7515 or look at the website for updated information at

PDF 2/29/16
UCCE Sacramento Valley Prune News (1,543KB)
  • UCCE Sutter-Yuba Annual Prune Meeting
  • Prune Bloom Orchard Management Considerations
  • Nitrogen Management for Prunes
  • 2015 Field Evaluation of Prune Rootstocks
  • Fungicide Efficacy
PDF 2/22/16
Bloom, 2016 (7,732KB)

In this issue,

  • Krymsk 86 in Cool, Wet Conditions
  • Wet or Dry, Get Ready
  • El Nino Rains and Pruning Don't Mix
  • Frost Protection
  • Upcoming Almond Meetings
PDF 1/14/16
UCCE Sacramento Valley Almond News - Summer 2015 (1,021KB)
  • Why are some individual trees turning yellow and not growing?
  • 2015 In-season naval orangeworm update
  • Almond canopy cankers
  • Non-infectious bud failure management
  • Weak areas in orchards...dead roots?
  • Pre-harvest almond orchard management considerations
PDF 7/22/15
Nickels Field Day Reminder! (778KB)

Don't Forget!

2015 Nickels Soil Lab Annual Field Day

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

6537 Green Bay Rd, Arbuckle

8:30 am - 12:15 pm

Lunch by Reservation Available!

PDF 5/4/15
UCCE Sacramento Valley Almond News - Spring 2015 (1,944KB)
  • Navel Orangeworm in 2015
  • Almond Scab
  • Band Canker
  • N Budgeting Following the 4 R's
  • In-season Almond Orchard Management Considerations
  • Nickels field Day Meeting Announcement
PDF 4/14/15
Nickels Field Day (776KB) PDF 4/10/15
Frost Alert Tonight! (294KB)

Start and Stop Frost Protection Sprinklers based on Wet Bulb Temperatures and charts included in this email.

PDF 2/23/15
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Bloom (2,188KB)
  • Prune Grower Meeting
  • Prune Orchard Activities
  • Heat at Bloom Update
  • Honey Bee Safety During Prune Bloom
  • Pesticide Safety Workshop
  • Herbicide Registration Chart
PDF 2/19/15
Reminder: Winter Almond Meeting Tomorrow (673KB)

Reminder: Come on out to the Colusa Farm Show and attend the

South Sacramento Valley Winter Almond Meeting

Thursday, February 5th

8:00 am

Stagehands Theater, Colusa Fairgrounds

PDF 2/4/15
Orchard Notes - Feb 2015 (720KB)

Meeting Dates:

Walnut Day - Wednesday, February 25th, 1pm-4:30pm, Veterans Memorial Hall, Yuba City

Walnut (7 yr olds) No Pruning/Pruning Comparison Field Mtg

          March 3rd, 10am-11:30am, Nickels Soil Lab, Arbuckle

Walnut (2 yr olds) No Pruning/Pruniing Grower Comparison Field Mtg

          March 3rd, 2:30-4pm, Bear River Walnut Ranch, Wheatland

PDF 2/3/15
South Sacramento Valley Winter Almond Mtg

South Sacramento Valley Winter Almond Meeting

Stagehands Theater, Colusa County Fairgrounds, Colusa, CA

February 5, 2015

8am - 12pm

DOCX 1/26/15
Sacramento Valley Walnut News (1,175KB)

In This Issue:

  • Upcoming 2015 UCCE Meetings
  • Walnut Year-Round IPM Plan and Winter Orchard Pest Management Activities
  • Walnut Orchards Planted in 2014-What to do Now?
  • Pistachio Meeting Information
PDF 12/22/14
Sacramento Valley Almond News-Bloom 2015 (890KB)

In The Issue:

  • Winter & Bloom Almond Orchard Management Considerations
  • Winter Sanitation for Navel Orangeworm Control
  • Honey Bee Safety During Bloom
  • Rootstock trial for boron tolerance has Nickels with an early lead
  • Bacterial Spot of Almond in California
PDF 12/22/14
Orchard Notes Dec 2014 (719KB)

In This Issue:

  • Sacramento Valley Cling Peach Day meeting
  • Walnut Day meeting
  • Updates on Potential New Disease
PDF 11/21/14
Sacramento Valley Prune Newsletter (1,659KB) PDF 10/24/14
Sacramento Valley Almond News - October 2014 (1,652KB) PDF 10/24/14
Orchard Spraying Field Meetings (254KB) PDF 10/24/14
Reminder: Botryoshaeria in Walnut Meeting (113KB)

Upcoming meeting:

Dealing with Botryosphaeria in Walnuts

Monday, July 21, 2014 - 9am-12pm

UCCE Yolo Office, Norton Hall

70 Cottonwood Street, Woodland, CA

PDF 7/18/14
Sacramento Valley Walnut News (815KB)
  • New IPM Advisor Introduction
  • New Farm Advisor Introduction
  • Advisor Retirement
  • Scale Identification and Lifecycles in Walnut Orchards
  • Walnut Husk Fly Trap and Low Volume Spray Study Update
  • Irrigation Management Tools for Developing Walnut Trees
PDF 7/1/14
Sacramento Valley Almond News - July 2014 (911KB)
  • New IPM Advisor
  • New Farm Advisor
  • Advisor Retirement
  • Leaf analysis and salinity monitoring
  • Research reveals the core components of optimum almond production
  • Navel orangeworm management
  • Nitrogen Management in Orchard Crops Meeting



Nitrogen Management in Orchard Crops - Thursday, July 24th, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm, Red Bluff Elks Lodge, 355 Gilmore Road, Red Bluff, CA

PDF 6/26/14
May 8th is Be A Scientist Day (2,635KB) PDF 5/7/14
Sac Valley Almond News (1,285KB)
  • New UC Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor Introduction
  • Insect Activity
  • Foliar Nutrient Sprays
  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency
  • Irrigation Management
  • Nickels Field Day, lunch reservation form and map
PDF 4/22/14
Orchard Notes - April/May 2014 (588KB)
  • Irrigation Scheduling in a Drought Year Field Meeting
  • Final Chilling Hours
  • Predicting Peach Harvest
  • Sizing Peach Fruit
  • Website Resources
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Alert
  • 37th Annual Nickels Field Day
PDF 4/16/14
Spring Sac Valley Walnut News (1,212KB)

In This Issue:

  • California Walnut Research
  • New Farm Advisor Introduction
  • Understanding & Managing Botryosphaeria & Phomopsis Canker and Blight
  • Watch for Early Insect Activity
  • Perspective on trends in orchard spacing, pruning and potential disease
  • Springtime Recovery from Winter Freeze Damage
  • SAVE THE DATE: Irrigation Scheduling & Drought Mgmt Strategies Meeting
PDF 4/8/14
Reminder: Walnut Field Meeting Tomorrow (275KB)

Understanding & Managing Botryosphaeria and Phomopsis Canker and Blight in Walnut Field Meeting

It is not suppose to rain tomorrow, so the meeting is on as scheduled!

PDF 4/1/14
Walnut Orchard Notes (857KB)

In this issue:

  • Understanding & Managing Botryosphaeria and Phomosis canker and blight in Walnuts Field Meeting
  • Training Young Walnuts: No Pruning/Pruning Compared
  • Save the Date! Irrigation Scheduling & Drought Mgmt Strategies Meeting
PDF 3/10/14
Reminder: Walnut No Pruning/Pruning Field Mtg (354KB)

Just a reminder:

Walnut No Pruning/Pruning Comparison Field Meeting

Tuesday, March 4th

10am - 11:30 am

Location: Nickels Soil Lab, On Greenbay Rd, Arbuckle

Park on Greenbay Road and walk in. Thank you.

PDF 3/3/14
Prune Newsletter (2,032KB)
  • Prune Orchard Activities to consider for March
  • Prune Fungicide Efficacy
  • Prune Growing in California


PDF 2/20/14
Walnut Orchard Notes (280KB)

Meeting announcements:

Walnut Day, Wednesday, February 26, 1-4pm, Veterans Memorial Hall, Yuba City

Walnut No Pruning/Pruning Comparison Field Meeting, Tuesday, March 4, 10-11:30am, Nickels Soil Lab, Arbuckle

Botryosphaeria and Phomopsis canker and blight and their mgmt in walnut Field Meeting, Wednesday, April 2


  • UC Drought Mgmt Information
  • Herbicide Chart
PDF 2/6/14
South Sac Winter Almond Mtg (308KB)

For Your Information-

A couple of speakers switch time slots and times adjusted by 15 minutes earlier.  None of the agenda content has changed.

PDF 1/23/14
Reminder: Winter Almond Meeting Tomorrow (308KB)

Meeting Reminder.....

South Sacramento Valley Winter Almond Meeting

Located at the Stage Hands Building (blue building north of livestock area), Colusa County Fairgrounds

Tuesday, Feb 4th, 8am sign in, 8:30 meeting begins.

Suggestion: Park in the main parking lot and enter thru the Main gate (entrance off of Hwy 20 by the office).

PDF 2/3/14
Orchard Notes - Peaches - January 2014 (292KB)
  • Cling Peach Day 2014
  • Effective and Economical Management of Flower, Foliar, and Fruit Diseases of Cling Peach
  • Chilling Hours Update
PDF 12/17/13
Sacramento Valley Walnut News (535KB)
  • Various meetings planned
  • Managing Ground Squirrels and Pocket Gophers
  • Winter Cold and Irrigation During Drought
  • Training Young Walnut Trees: Minimum Pruning vs No Pruning Compared
  • Nitrogen Management Planning
PDF 12/5/13
Sacramento Valley Almond News - August 2013 (1,153KB)
  • Naval orangeworm management - 2013
  • Almond hull rot - cultural and chemical management
  • Alternaria leaf spot and leaf rust of almond
  • Water management for almond; in-season, harvest and post-harvest
  • Pre-harvest almond orchard nutrition
  • Room for rent sought for UC Intern
  • Local Weather Data Available
PDF 8/9/13
Sacramento Valley Walnut News (1,537KB)
  • Irrigation Management Tools for Developing Walnut Trees
  • Walnut Husk Fly Trap Study
  • Howard Nut Drop
  • Ethephon Use Consideration in the Sacramento Valley
PDF 7/11/13
Pomology Notes - Prunes DOCX 7/3/13
E-MAIL Walnut Extra - May 24, 2013 (210KB)


Walnut Orchard Herbicide and Demonstration Field Day

May 29, 2013 - 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Whitney Warren Ranch, Wheatland, CA


PDF 5/24/13
E-MAIL Extra - May 14, 2013 (343KB)


Nickels Soil Lab Annual Field Day

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Green Bay Avenue, Arbuckle, CA

8:30am - 12:15pm

Just added:  After lunch a demonstration of modified airblast sprayer for better pest control in tree tops!!

PDF 5/14/13
Nickels Field Day (867KB)

The field day is on WEDNESDAY, May 15th.

PDF 5/6/13
Pomology Notes including Nickels Field Day (1,295KB)
  • Nickels Soil Lab Annual Field Day
  • Almond Varieties
  • Crown Rot and Pruning Wound Cankers
  • New video: Managing Almond Pests using the the Year-around IPM program
  • Tying Young Trees
  • Navel Orangeworm Pressure?
PDF 4/24/13
Pomology Notes - Prunes (763KB)
  •  Practices to consider in prune orchards in April/May
  • Sutter-Yuba Spring Field Meeting
  • Orchard Irrigation
  • Prune Tisshe Sampling for Leaf Analysis
  • Efficient Nitrogen Management in Prune Production
  • How hot was it at bloom, 2013?
PDF 4/23/13
Orchard Notes (291KB)
  • Field Meetings: Monitoring and Control of Walnut Husk Fly and Walnut Orchard Herbicide Research and Demonstration Field Day
  • Final Chilling Hours
  • Predicting Peach Harvest
  • Sizing Peach Fruit
  • Updated Website
  • 36th Annual Nickels Field Day (announcement to be released soon)
PDF 4/23/13
Walnut Notes (1,304KB) PDF 3/19/13
Sacramento Valley Almond News - February 2013 (1,032KB)
  • Butte-Glenn Almond Institute & Walnut Day
  • Groundwater Nitrogen Dilemma
  • Bee Careful with Pesticides
  • Almond orchards with wild insects have higher fruit set
  • Nickels Field Day
  • Springtime disease control
  • Almond Fungicide Efficacy
  • South Sacramento Valley Winter Almond Meeting
PDF 2/15/13
Walnut Notes (469KB)

Walnut Day, 2-21-13, Yuba City

Walnut Pruning Field Day, 3-5-13, Nickels Soil Lab

Efficient Walnut Spraying article

Snake River area funding

PDF 2/5/13
Pomology Notes Email Extra - Almonds (1,082KB)
  • South Sacramento Valley Winter Almond Meeting
  • SpraySafe Meeting
PDF 1/25/13
January 2013 (320KB)

Orchard Notes - by Janine Hasey, Farm Advisor for Colusa/Sutter/Yuba Counties

- 2013 Cling Peach Day

- Herbicide Chart

- Chilling Hours Update

- 2013 Walnut Day

- Newsletter Renewal was sent to Colusa County mail list also, please get yours turned in so you don't miss out on important information and meetings.


PDF 1/8/13

Introduction to Almond Production registration attached.

PDF 11/19/12
Sacramento Valley Almond News (851KB)

Introduction to Almond Production meetings

Pocket Gopher Management for Autumn

Annual Almond Conference moved to Sacramento

Hull Rot

Leaf Blight

Navel Orangeworm

Weed Management

PDF 10/18/12
Pomology Notes E-mail Extra - Spray Safe Meeting (93KB)

Spray Safe Meeting

Wednesday, June 20th, 9am

Colusa County Fairgrounds, Festival Hall

2 hours Laws & Regs and 1 hour CE Other

PDF 6/19/12
Nickels Field Day & Sac Valley Newsletter (1,677KB) PDF 4/11/12
Sacramento Valley Walnut News (1,406KB) PDF 3/7/12
Orchard Notes (946KB)

Walnut Day and Pruning Day Meeting Announcement!

PDF 2/3/12
2-2-12 meeting extra (607KB)

See attached flyer for additional meeting and lunch provided by Almond Board of California's Sustainability Program Self-Assessment opportunity.

PDF 1/31/12
Pomology Notes (1,022KB)

Almond Meeting Notice for February 2nd!

PDF 1/25/12
Pomology Notes - Summer 2011 DOCX 8/12/11
Nickels Field Day Reminder (750KB)

Nickels Field DayReminder_5 9 2011

PDF 5/10/11
Sacramento Valley Almond News (856KB) PDF 4/13/11
2011 Nickels Field Day Meeting (750KB) PDF 4/13/11
Orchard Notes Meeting Announcement Update (684KB)

Gopher and Ground Squirrel Control in Orchard Crops Field Meeting taking place this Thursday.  As you can see the meeting location has been moved to D&D Farms at 3890 Tudor Rd, Yuba City (see attached map).

PDF 4/11/11
Walnut News (782KB)

2011 Spring Sac Valley Valley Walnut News from Janine Hasey, UC Farm Advisor, Sutter & Yuba Counties.  Contains meeting announcements and very useful information on walnuts.

PDF 3/24/11
Walnut Pruning Day Announcement (653KB) PDF 2/25/11
Pomology Notes (1,328KB) PDF 2/25/11
Almond Growers Meeting Notice (99KB) PDF 2/3/11
Walnut Newsletter Sept 2010 PDF 9/17/10
Almond Newsletter July 2010 PDF 7/22/10
Walnut Newsletter PDF 6/4/10
April 2010 PDF 5/12/10
2010 Nickels Field Day Announcement Program, Map and Lunch Reservation Form PDF 4/14/10
2009 Nickels Field Day Announcement PDF 4/29/09
March 2009 PDF 3/13/09
February 2008 South Sacramento Valley Almond Meeting Announcement PDF 1/30/08
April 2007 Nickels Field Day Meeting Announcement (Program and Reservation Form) PDF 4/1/08
January 2007 South Sacramento Valley Almond Meeting Announcement Sutter/Yuba/Colusa Walnut Day Announcement PDF 9/10/09
August 2006 New Almond Diseases? Blistered Almond Leaves Leaffooted Plant Bug PDF 7/26/08
October 2005 Almond Pruning Demonstration Dormant Oil still important! PDF 12/7/10
July 2005 Powdery mildew, vericillium wilt,leaf rust, and the 2004 Nickels Soil Lab Annual Report is now available. PDF 12/7/10
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