Mosquito Prevention

With recent rains in many parts of California and the weather warming up, it's time once again to think about mosquito prevention and control. Even though we are all mostly indoors right now, there are things we can do to reduce mosquito-breeding areas in our backyards, gardens, patios, and other areas that hold standing water. UC IPM has information to help.  

In the newly revised Pest Notes: Mosquitoes, you'll find general mosquito prevention tips as well as information on the most recent mosquitoes to become established in California: species in the Aedes genus which can transmit Zika virus and other deadly diseases.

This publication, written by UC Riverside entomologist William Walton and UC Davis entomologist Bruce Eldridge, discusses the life cycles and virus transmission cycles of Culex and Aedes mosquitoes.

You will find tips on managing water barrels and other water capture structures to keep mosquitoes from breeding in them. There are updates on chemical control, including new personal use repellent products and outdoor sprays, and a link to a frequently updated map of Aedes mosquito detections from the California Department of Public Health.

Read the full Pest Notes: Mosquitoes on the UC IPM website for more information and continue to stay safe and healthy out there!