Happy Fly Day Friday!

Happy Fly Day Friday!

If you've ever wondered why entomologists and insect enthusiasts post images of flies on Friday, not to worry.

They consider this "Fly Day." The Urban Dictionary defines Fly Day as "the day of the week when contract employees fly from their work site to their home location."

Flyday is also the seventh album by the German jazz rock band Kraan.

It also could be considered the day travelers depart on an airplane, or their "Day of Flight." 

There's even a Flicker site called "Fly Day Friday." No, you don't have to take images of flies on Friday, but you must upload them on a Friday. To date: 526 members and 11.7K photos.

And there's even a #flyday hashtag on Twitter, where folks post everything from their flight plans to their weekend plans to images of...you-guessed-it!...flies.

This Bug Squad blog has always been a "no-fly zone" on Friday, but today it just seems like a good idea to post an image of three flies on a catmint leaf. 

Were they having a family reunion or planning a fly-by into the kitchen? No, apparently, they just found a good spot to warm their flight muscles and bask in the sun. 

(And look around for a picnic?)

Happy Fly Day Friday!