Where's Walda?

You've probably read the children's book, "Where's Waldo?"

Waldo wanders around the world, gets lost in the crowd or scenery, and it's your job to find him. Where'd he go?

If you have a praying mantis in your yard, you probably play "Where's Waldo?" a lot.

In our yard, it's "Walda." She's a gravid (pregnant) praying mantis and she never stays in one spot for long.

Camouflaged in the bushes, motionless, and deep in "prayer," she's a lost cause.

And then you see where she is. The Stagmomantis limbata. The bushes stir, and the next thing you know, she's gripping a bee in her spiked forelegs.

Where's Walda?

Right there.  Right there.