Freeloader Flies on Friday Fly Day

Have you ever seen a freeloader fly trying to sneak a meal?

Since it's Friday Fly Day--and the best things in life are free, aren't they?--it's time to post an image of a freeloader fly. 

So here's the story: a praying mantis was polishing off the remains of a honey bee, and uninvited dinner guests--freeloader flies (family Milichiidae, probably genus Desmometopa)--showed up.  This genus includes more than 50 described species, according to Wikipedia.

Another time, a spider snagged a honey bee, and freeloaders arrived just in time to chow down. "Call me anything you like but don't call me late to dinner." They bring nothing to contribute to the meal except their appetites.

So did the predators chase away the freeloader flies? No. Absolutely not. Apparently they're too tiny a morsel to eat, and the freeloaders don't eat much. (See's images of them.

Happy Friday Fly Day!