Praying Mantis: Hey, Take My Picture!

The scenario: a male praying mantis, Stagmomantis limbata, is perched on a pink zinnia in a Vacaville pollinator garden filled with bees and butterflies. 

Praying Mantis: "Hey, photographer, take my picture! And, can you make me look like Arnold Schwarzenegger?"

Photographer: "Sure, Mr. Mantis. I can take your picture, but you'll never pass for Arnold. You don't look like a bodybuilder."

Praying Mantis: "Well, at least I can look like an action figure."

Photographer: "Okay. A full body shot...Head, thorax and abdomen. But don't go looking for the ladies! You might lose your head."  

Praying Mantis: "No problem. I just want to strike some poses. I'm an action figure."

Photographer: "And no action moves. Don't go looking for a bee while I'm taking your photo! Got that?"

Praying Mantis: "Got it." (And gets a bee) "Sorry, I was hungry."