Decisions, Decisions: Solar Eclipse or a Bumble Bee?

What insects did you see during the Solar Eclipse, dubbed "The Great North American Eclipse?" And what were they doing?

In some parts of North America, as the moon passed between the earth and sun, folks saw a total solar eclipse. But here in Solano County, California, totality it was not.


We watched the Great North America Eclipse as the moon took a tiny bite out of the sun. 

And then a queen bumble bee buzzed into our pollinator garden just as the moon helped itself to another bite.

Bite of the moon or bite of the bumble bee?

Game over.

The bumble bee won (well, just for a few minutes) and then we returned to the solar eclipse.

The bumble bee appeared to be a Bombus californicus. And she was hungry. 

If she had experienced a total solar eclipse, she may have immediately returned to her nest: "It's dark. Day over."