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Manuals and Forms

Colusa County 4-H Awards (Information and Applications/Forms)

Colusa County 4-H Super Presenter Award Form

The Super Presenter Award is to encourage members to improve their public speaking skills in front of different audiences as they share their 4-H project work. Applications are open year round and due to the 4-H Office by July 1st. Members who complete the requirements (with proper verification) and turn in the form will receive a special pin for their hat. This award is presented to members at their club achievement night.

Colusa County 4-H Home Ec. Review Award Form

The Home Ec. Review Award is a county level, merit based award. Members who participate in various Home Ec. events and projects have the opportunity to receive points for their various levels of participation. Recipients of this award are invited to attend the annual Home Ec. Tour which takes place in September each program year. 

2022 Colusa County 4-H County Ambassador Application

Glenn Colusa Cattlewomen


The Colusa County 4-H County Ambassador program is designed to encourage members looking for additional leadership and citizenship opportunities outside of the club level. County Ambassadors help plan and run events throughout the program year. For more information visit the County Ambassador page.


Colusa County Fair Contests

Trash Can Contest2023

Educational Display entry form  


Record Book Manual and Forms

All clubs in Colusa County must be in alignment with the version outlined in the manual; no other supplemental forms or requirements may be used.

19-20 Record Book Manual

The 4-H Record Book has many specific requirements and detailed forms. The manual contains descriptions of the parts of the Record Book as well as the different forms necessary. Using the manual to assist you in filling out your Record Book will make the process easier, faster and more enjoyable! 

19-20 Adult Volunteer Record Book Manual

This guide is designed for adult partners who wish to know more in-depth information to help members with completing their record book.

19-20 Record Book Forms

Contains all forms for 4-H members using a paper Record Book. This version allows you to complete the form directly into the document and expand the rows as needed. The ORB entry screens align with the paper versions.

Each club must come into alignment with this version and eliminate all supplemental forms and/or other requirements.

Individual Forms:

19-20 PDR

19-20 APR

19-20 Leadership Dev  (Senior members only)

19-20 4-H Resume  (Senior members only)


CA 4-H Record Book Evaluation - Club Level

Online Record Book (ORB) - Members can complete and submit and online record book now, various resources and trainings are available to members interested in utilizing this feature.

ORB Support Site

CA 4-H Record Book Page - Additional information and resources regarding Record Books can be found at this site. 

For Primary Members:

Primary members are encouraged to start learning the skills of record management with our basic Personal Development Report.

Please note primary members are not required to complete report forms to receive their annual pin.

19-20 Primary Record Book



4-H Safety Manual
Many 4-H programs, projects, and events incorporate activities that inherently have various risks for injuries or disease exposures to both 4-H volunteers and members. Information given in this manual has been developed for use by 4-H volunteers and members and is intended to provide initial guidance for implementing practices and procedures to reduce the risk of sustaining injuries or illnesses while participating in 4-H sponsored programs, projects, and events.

Public speaking is a cornerstone of the 4-H Youth Development Program; this manual gives all the necessary information to present effectively and within the 4-H guidelines.

4-H Interview Contest Manual (2009)
Interviewing is an essential skill people will use throughout their lives. This manual provides information to both participate in and coordinate an interview contest.

4-H Officer's Manual (2013)
Each office has specific tasks and obligations, and the 4-H Officer's Manual is a tool for navigating the terminology and requirements of holding a 4-H office. See also 4-H Club Program Planning Guide.

Treasurer's Manual (2014)
Keeping the club/unit finances in order is an important job that falls to the office of the Treasurer. Everything the Treasurer needs to know is in this resource. Find an individual list of the Treasurer's Manual forms on the Youth Officers page.


Click on the link below to access more forms and manuals from the State 4-H Office website (ie. record book forms, enrollment,medical treatment, etc.):


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