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Project Leader Resources

Project Leader Resources

There are many resources available for Project Leaders at the County and State levels. 

If you are a new leader and don't know where to get started, try our New Project Leader Checklist to get you on track!

You can sign up for Professional and Volunteer Development for free through 4-H here.

The State has designed a resource called Project Sheets to help 4-H volunteers determine meaningful content and lead youth in hands-on activities. 4-H youth and their families may use these sheets to decide which project they might be interested in. You can access these sheets here: 4-H Project Sheets

Additional State Project Leader Resources


4-H Project Proficiencies

Project Proficiency Program helps members learn what they need to know about their 4-H project. As the project leader you will assist your members in setting and achieving their goals. There are many resources to help members learn more about their project and achieve their proficiencies. The County 4-H Office Library and the Internet can be utilized among the many other resources available.
Project Proficiencies levels Some Project Proficiencies offer five different levels, while others only offer three levels. A few others only offer one level.**  Based on the number of levels offered by the Proficiency, a member can work with their leader to choose the number of levels they wish to complete.
Working Through the Proficiency Program As members work through the proficiency program, their project leader will date each skill item as it is completed. When all items in a proficiency level are completed, the leader will sign the proficiency form and submit a copy to the 4-H Office. Pins corresponding with the level completed can be purchased in the 4-H Office by club leaders or members. Leaders can award members with their pins at project or club meetings.
** The 4-H Office will work with leaders who wish to create additional levels for such projects, otherwise these projects will only extend to the number of levels currently offered by their proficiency.