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Cooking Academy

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Attention all Afterschool Program Coordinators and Educators, New Afterschool Program opportunity for the 2019-2020 school year!

The UC-CalFresh Nutrition Education and 4-H Youth Development programs have collaborated for the first time this year to bring a new program to our local afterschool program educators. We are pleased to offer a Cooking Academy program taught by local 4-H Teen Teachers! 4-H Teen Teachers will develop their own leadership and teaching skills as they plan and implement hands-on learning experiences for younger youth.

Cooking Academy is a hands-on, experiential, skill-based program that includes seven weeks of cooking and food safety instruction. Students learn basic nutrition information on how to plan meals, safely prepare and enjoy food. They try new foods like tofu, whole-wheat tortillas, zucchini and more. Cooking Academy promotes the three pillars of dietary behavior change; skills, attitudes and knowledge. Students try new foods in delicious ways (attitudes), learn the skills needed to prepare fruits, vegetables, and other healthy items (skills) and increase food literacy around recipe reading and food preparation concepts (knowledge). This further shapes their eating behaviors by creating a healthy food environment at home for each student and their family.

For more information about being a part of the pilot program for Cooking Academy please contact UC-CalFresh Nutrition Education Representative  call 530-458-0570.